Photography and me

When I was 12 years old my father gave me my first camera. It was from Agfa and had three symbols on the lens ring for close focus, not so close focus and infinity focus. And three more symbols for sunny weather, cloudy weather and flash (you had to put a flash cube on top). I was caught from the start.

At about 14 while on a holiday in Denmark I took my fathers single lens reflex, a Pentax ME, and didn’t put it away until we were back at home. When my father developed the photos he realized that most of my photos were better than any of his.

At 16 I got my first own SLR, a Minolta X300 with 2 Tokina lenses. I didn’t stop taking photos since then and neither I did stop buying new cameras. I jumped on the train when autofocus came out and when the first digital cameras became payable, I sold my analogue SLR and had digital compact and bridge cameras until I switched back to SLRs some years ago.

After my graduation I went to a photodesign school to learn studio photography with big format cameras including self development of films and pictures. I soon realised that studio photography is not really my cup of tea. As a result, I never started to work as a photographer but switched to graphic and web design, which is still my day job. Today, photography is only a hobby for me, but a great one which is so much more fun than it would be as a job.

The oldest pictures on this website were made with a Fujifilm S602 Zoom, followed by S20 Pro and S9500. All of them good examples for the fact that you don’t need an expensive camera to make good photos. Years later I switched back to SLRs with Olympus E-620 followed by Nikon D7000 and recently Fujifilm X-T1. As a companion for every day I also have a Fujifilm X20.